Friday, July 16, 2010

PART I: Why I left a cushy job at one of world’s largest Pharma MNCs to promote NATUROPATHY – Tale of 4 brothers

This is first in the series of 4 articles that I intend to write. Hence it is imperative that I start by explaining the motive behind writing the articles.
It is simple – to enable people draw inspiration from these stories and adapt at least some of the principles of Naturopathy to improve their health and life. So here goes the first story.
RAMESHBHAI SANGHVI, the eldest of the 4 brothers has studied and taught all his life. He quit his job as a professor when he thought, he could afford it. Since then he has been working through various means to promote education for underprivileged children in Kutch. He loves books; runs a publication, Aksharbharti, a beautiful book shop in Bhuj, a school for kids, edits lot of books and magazines, and puts his linguistic skills to other good use. However, he has never been physically very active leading a physically sedentary life.
In 2001, post earthquake in Kutch, life became very hectic for him, trying to rebuild his Institutions and at the same time support other NGOs in their relief and rehabilitation work. His being the only grassroot organisation of significance in the area, work load piled up. He maintained a very busy travel schedule which meant travelling at odd times and attending to tasks and meeting across the region. Few months after earthquake, Rameshbhai had a severe heart attack. He was rushed to a nearby hospital and later moved to a larger one in Mumbai. His heart's ejection fraction had come down to 20 (for a healthy individual it is about 60). The doctor said, by-pass surgery is required but it is risky. Coming from a family that believed in natural ways of life, family was averse to surgery.
Family contacted a renowned Cardiologist in Ahmedabad, Dr Ramesh Kapadia. He was leaving for US. He confidently told family that he will be back in 2.5 months and would then start treatment. Oh my God! Can you believe a cardiologist telling a patient who has been advised immediate surgery to wait for 2.5 months? But he knew there was no reason to panic.
Three months later he met Dr Kapadia and started the treatment. Along with some common medication he put Rameshbhai Sanghvi on his Universal Healing program. You would be surprised to know that a highly qualified cardiologist that Dr Kapadia is, his “Universal Healing” program is not made up of array of new age drugs and “state of the art” technology but age old techniques of Shavasan and Meditation. You can get more details on his website
Rameshbhai Sanghvi continued his treatment including medication. It has been about 10 years now. His heart’s ejection fraction has improved to 45 from 20. He is hail and hearty and continues incessantly his work in the field of education. He is currently working with Dr Kapadia on a book that combines wisdom from his 8 books written over time into one single volume. We are glad that a crucial part of that work was done at our Ananddham Nature Cure Centre in Kutch. Once in book stores, we hope this book will provide guidance and inspiration to many.
Slowly more and more people are realising the benefits of our traditional healing methods, adapting nature based remedies, and importance of spirituality in improvement of life. Dr Dean Ornish in US has done beautiful work to bring out these benefits to people and present it in a modern scientific way. His research finding says, “Traditional Asian diet is the healthiest diet but unfortunately more and more Asians are living, eating, and dying like Americans”.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    I have polysistic kindey disease, Creatinine is 6.Right Kidney-A Calculus of size about 16.4mm is seen in renal pelvis.Left Kedney-the cortico medullary differentiation is poor.So kindly advise me whether I can do the naturopathy or yoga.......My treatment is also going in PGI Chandigarh.
    Mohinder Singh
    Age-37 years

  2. My createnine level varies from 2.2 to 2.9. I came to know this in 2oo4. BP & Diabeties is controlled. Interested in naturopathy can also join camp, if there is a provision. I am 63 yrs, of age. Plz. advise.

    14 Aug, 2010

  3. i gone into kidney transplantation 6 months back now my creatine is 1.1 .can i do suitable to do your therapy

  4. sir,
    my Creatinine is 6 and eGFR is 1o ml/min,So kindly advise me whether I can do the naturopathy or yoga.......My treatment is also going in cmc vellore. i am 53 years old age.
    29 dec, 2011