Saturday, December 31, 2011

PART III: Why I left a cushy job at one of world’s largest Pharma MNCs to promote NATUROPATHY – Tale of 4 brothers

This is 3rd in the series of 4 articles.
This is perhaps most transforming of the 4 stories. It is also the oldest. More than 3 decades back in late 70’s. A doctor completed his education and returned to his village in Kutch as a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner. Like most Ayurvedic doctors of his times, he started out as a general practitioner. He treated patients from nearby villages using the best knowledge he had. Pain killers, steroids, and other drugs were key tools in his tool box.
Since patients got quick relief and there were no other doctors in the nearby villages, his practice picked up very well. Soon he had good patient flow and was making good money.
One day while he was having lunch, a friend of his jokingly tapped him on his head and he bit his tongue. The cut was deep and severe and it started bleeding profusely. He was taken to a hospital where doctor put stitched on his tongue. Unfortunately the tongue being soft tissue, the stitches didn’t stay. Doctors tried it again with same results. The condition worsened each time and he was given blood transfusion.
As days passed by he became weaker and his condition worsened. Only hope was to meet a bigger doctor in a bigger city, Mumbai. As the family made preparations, he was taken to Bhuj, which had the airport. They got down at another Doctor’s place in Bhuj. This doctor was educated in US and left his flourishing practice there to come back and serve in small town where he felt there was more need for his services. Those were heady days and people were led more by their heart than head. He read a book by Gandhi and that inspired him to come back to his people and serve them. He was equally influenced by Gandhiji’s experiments in Health and medicine. He shunned his western learning and adopted Naturopathy as his key line of treatment.
Many relatives came to meet the patient and some thought it would be their last meeting. The US educated doctor made a suggestion to the patient’s family. Why don’t we try some simple naturopathy treatments before moving the patient to Mumbai. The family agreed and the treatment started. He treated patient by regularly putting drops of cold lemon water on a piece of cotton cloth placed over the cut. The bleeding stopped within a day and the tongue slowly healed. In couple of months, patient was fine and became doctor again. Of course a very different Doctor this time. He chose Naturopathy as his main tool.
He became an intern again under the doctor who healed him. May be at a salary 1/10th of what he was earning before the incident. He learned at the feet of his guru and went on to become what I call a Rockstar of Naturopathy. He earned fame, ran a very successful practice, went to several countries to help people learn and adopt Naturopathy, went on to set up a beautiful Nature Cure Center and earned what you can call a fan following. People know him as Dr Jay Sanghvi.
About 25 years after the incident, I met him while he was still building his new Nature Cure Center and I was fresh out of IIMA. I was amazed to see how he treated patients for chronic medical conditions using simple Naturopathy treatments. The set up was simple, tools were simple, and environment was very non-clinical. It was a hospital most unlike a hospital. The meeting changed the course of my life. I was fascinated by the idea of setting up several of such hospitals, making it accessible to common people, spreading the beauty of simplicity.
Few years later, I quit my reasonably comfortable job at GSK and set out to make this dream a reality. It gave birth to what is today called Swas Healthcare. I was extremely lucky to have my inspiration as my co-founder. I only wish I could partner more of such doctors who have the understanding, conviction, and most importantly the humility to accept that it is not the doctor but the nature that heals. Be the guide, be the lamp.

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Friday, January 28, 2011

PART II: Why I left a cushy job at one of world’s largest Pharma MNCs to promote NATUROPATHY – Tale of 4 brothers

This is second in the series of 4 articles.
RAVINDRABHAI SANGHVI, the youngest of the 4 brothers had moved to Mumbai few years back and was trying to settle down in this new city. It was year 1993. There was lot of work to be done and perhaps health took a back seat. He had abdominal pain which got missed out amidst work. In 2-3 days time it had become very severe.
He finally went to consult a Doctor, who diagnosed it as severe perforation of appendix. Perhaps appendix had ruptured. Doctor suggested immediate appendectomy though it was risky. He feared that if not operated it could lead to peritonitis which could be fatal. He was using best of the knowledge, which he had acquired during his education as a doctor, to save his patient.  Surgery had to be done in next one hour.
Though Ravindrabhai, who had learnt and practiced Naturopathy was no ordinary patient. The family consulted the elder brother and renowned Naturopath, Dr Jay. He advised to avoid the surgery and wait for him to reach Mumbai. Ravindrabhai thanked the doctor for diagnosis and went back home, climbing four flights of stairs to reach his apartment. In few hours Dr jay was there next to his brother.
Treatment started. Pain was so severe that anything that touched the abdomen aggravated the pain. First 5 days it was just rest, water fasting, and warm pack on abdomen. In 5 days swelling decreased and abdominal cold pack was started. He was fed on lemon water and diluted juices. In another 10 days semi-solid and liquid diet was started.
All this helped body flush out the perforated appendix, and heal the inflammation. Since no food was given, body could concentrate on repairs. In about 6 weeks he was back to work.
Most of the time we underestimate the healing capacity of body and power of rest.  We also overestimate the need to eat even when unwell. If given a chance and appropriate environment, body can heal itself even from very severe conditions.

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