Friday, May 1, 2009

A post by Johan Soderberg from Sweden who stayed at Ananddham, Kharoi

06-01-2008 09:09 Annandham Nature cure center, Ahmedabad, India
Hydro Therapy. Magnet Therapy. Su Jok Therapy. Diet Therapy. Potli massage Therapy. Mud Therapy. A constant flow of therapy!

"Sunrise 07.15. Johan-rise 04.30. 1 hour meditation. 1 hour Yoga. Then 'Nassia' drops of cleansing oil in my nose and a face massage, then Eye-cleansing. Breakfast is at 08.00. Welcome to join! Already it feels like I have done alot. And the day has almost just started.

One month has passed at this peaceful place. A month of good healing. And I do feel much better. But not yet fully recovered. 1 month still to go. Then I will be ready to conquer the world again! :)


So let me share with you some small stories from my veryday life here at the Naturopathy center.

After one month at a place like this one really start to feel at home. This night, as if I was walking in my own back yard I saw the most amazing sky. The desert with its unpolluted atmosphere reveales thousands and thousands of twinkling stars. And across the deep black dome the Milky Way streches out in its full glory. I even spotted the 'lilla karlavagnen,' up side down!

The winter sun of gujarati is just like our Swedish summer sun. Hot, but still gentle and soothing. Sun bathing is a bliss. Even the tractors around here remind me of home. As their 'tennkulemotor'- engine sounds just like a fishing boat from the west coast. Tom-Tom-TOm-Tom. I will arrive back home just in time to catch one and go for some fishing. But. I forgot. Im a vegetarian. Darn it. I who used to love fishing back in the days. SS Suvi still has my heart.......

SO.. For now.

Thank you all for nice comments and for all the emails! I feel sorry for not having answered you all yet. But it is always nice to wait for something good :)

Did you know by the way that is takes a 7 meter long cloth to make a turban!

Take care all dear friends around the globe!

BTW. I added some pics of us having a noodle-evening. And also today I was totally amazed about these wonderful people I meet. Devtosh, a new friend just have me his amazing weddingdress. Prince Johan has arrived!"