Saturday, April 11, 2009

Judicious Lifestyle changes for better health

"I have spent the past three weeks at Ananddham Nature Cure Centre, Village Kharoi, Bhachau, Gujarat for my chronic low back pain. The centre is managed by Mr. Sanjay Singh, IIM-A.

While at the Centre, the following was the line of treatment - Yoga & Pranayam, Diet control, Mud packs, Massages, Hot & cold fomentations and wraps, Magnet therapy, Accupressure etc. The treatment course is dictated by the patient's condition.

While at the Centre, I have seen kidney failure cases, the creatinine levels dropping from 9 when admitted to 5 when discharged. A person with a history of having undergone 100 dialysis, has spend 45 days at the Centre, & is now off the dialyzer since the past 6 months. A 30-year old case of hypothyroidism has been completely cured. My brother-in-law was admitted with obesity-related osteo-arthiritis, and his knee-joint pain has been reduced by as much as 85%. A patient with high BP problem reduced his daily BP medication by 50% within 4 days, and stopped all medications within 10 days. A lady from Sharjah is currently being treated for Parkinsons.

These are not miracles, but judicious lifestyle changes for better health. The human body is given a chance to heal itself, which it is quite capable of doing.

I recommend Nature Cure for its effectiveness, for treating Arthritis, Obesity, BP problems, renal function impairment, diabetes and many other life-long problems, since a chance is made available to the patient to lead as normal a life as possible."

Sudhir (A new and improved version after the treatment)

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